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Comcast's system-wide News and Entertainment channel, also available on the web. BCR's Brad Bannon is the resident progressive political expert on CN8's Emmy Award winning It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle.
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The Legal Broadcast Network
The Legal Broadcast Network's legal, financial and political commentary is available on an open platform for others to join and contribute to by being part of their professional network. BCR's President and CEO Brad Bannon is a regular contributor.
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AM 1510 Revolution Boston
AM 1510 Revolution Boston is Boston's new voice of change via a multimedia platform that includes radio, internet, and community interaction. It is the home of BCR's President and CEO's radio show, the Brad Bannon Show.
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Winning Campaigns
A leading political magazine, Bannon Communications Research, it's clients, and Brad Bannon are often featured.
The leading independent political newspaper and blog that BCR's Brad Bannon contributes to.
The Secret to your Success...
     For 25 years, Bannon Communications Research has used the wisdom and skills from frontline combat experience on campaigns and extensive social advocacy to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

     Our secret to successful communication is to speak to people’s hearts and use the words they use. We can distinguish which groups to target and what message to target them with. Attitude, insight and language comprise the groundwork for messages that will move your audience in the direction you want them to go.

     Our help will be extremely valuable to your effort to craft the focused messages needed to win the support of the voters. We will be able to distinguish which target groups you’ll need to communicate with and which message to communicate to them based on our findings. We will be able to identify the biggest concerns of the electorate, and pinpoint the kind of voters who can and cannot be persuaded. In essence, we will lay the groundwork to develop a message that moves voters to your side.


The Philosophy of Bannon Communications Research...
Clients choose Bannon Communications Research, as they have for 25 years, because our track record proves we can help them win. At Bannon Communications Research, you can expect our personal commitment, an uncommon level of research expertise and a proven record of effective strategic thinking. The basis of our relationship with clients is a blend of highly sophisticated statistical analysis of opinion and the kind of close, personal interaction that you can only get from a firm like Bannon Communications Research that works with a limited number of select clients.

     Our job is to answer the what, why and how questions that will produce the strategy for a winning campaign. The first question is what are the voters thinking and feeling? The second question is why voters think or feel the way they do. And the third and most important question is how can we communicate to the voters and lead them in your direction?

     We use an advanced technique of regression analysis to develop a very clear picture of the issues and character traits that drive decision-making. These statistical methods enable us to craft a strategic message that will activate your supporters and win over opponents.


Our Personal Attention...
     Bannon Communications Research is a lean, mean fighting machine. Without a large corporate bureaucracy to run and support financially, we can work closely with you and provide premium service at low cost. BCR works closely with a few clients every year so we can sink our teeth into the clients that we work with. This gives us time to bond with our clients and explore the true psyche of the voters. We are confident that we can provide high quality service at a reasonable price so that you can spend your money on communicating your message to the electorate.


Political Communication Ethics...
     Ethics in Politics, in today's political environment it seems an oxymoron, but not at Bannon Communications Research.

Aristotle recognized the natural kinship of politics and communication in his writings Politics and Rhetoric. In the former, he established that humans are "political beings [who] alone of the animals [are] furnished with the faculty of language."

     In the latter, he began his systematic analysis of discourse by proclaiming
that "rhetorical study, in its strict sense, is concerned with the modes of

     Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and Plato's Republic are essentially works of political ethics. For both Aristotle and Plato, the "good" person was a conscientious citizen contributing to the city-state. The notion of civic virtue implies a citizenry that is informed, active, selfless, enlightened and, above all, just.

     So, it was recognized over twenty-three hundred years
ago that politics, communications and ethics go hand in hand because they are
essential parts of human nature. What happened between then and now?

     If you look at the Political Communications landscape, specifically the Political Consulting landscape - progressive or otherwise, you may notice something odd with the client lists at other firms that may give you some pause. Are they violations of ethics? Are they conflicts of interests? Or are the activities of these firms 'just business'?

     You should ask yourself, can a consulting firm that counts Big Pharmaceutical Companies, HMO's, Big Oil, Big Gas, Right-wing organizations and campaigns as clients truly represent you to the fullest extent?

     Can you believe that they will give you the best advice possible to fulfill your initiatives' even when they conflict with the agenda's of their corporate and right-wing benefactors who that give them millions of dollars?

     These are important questions that our clients have never had to ask.

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